Episodic Adventures

Guard Limb-Ripper

Guard was born under unusual circumstances. His parents had tried over and over and had all but given up. They came to the conclusion that they could not bare a child. But Guard’s appearance proved otherwise. His parents claimed that he was a miracle granted to them by the gods.
Guard grew up defending those weaker than him. This was considered odd in a society that valued strength above all else. This got Guard moved into the church by the age of 10 with hopes of becoming a healer within the army. The teachings allowed him to access basic abilities to heal. It was noticed rather early that despite all his efforts, Guard’s spells weren’t becoming stronger. He could, however, cast basic spells more often and didn’t appear to actually need the prayers or the preparations.
One night, Guard had a dream. He was told that he would learn nothing more from the church. He was told that he’d receive power if he sought out evil and destroy it. After this dream, Guard left the church and enlisted in a military school at the age of 14. He hoped that the military would allow him to find the evil he heard of. He remained in the school until the age of 18 which is when he was recruited into the army.
He very quickly became attached to great sword, almost like an impulse. In training, he was incredibly aggressive and very unpredictable. The higher ups often scolded him and tried to correct his behaviour. Guard was beat down repeatedly but refused to change his fighting style. He quickly began to learn how to react to oncoming attacks.
His refusal change his style and his quick learning quickly got him placed in a shock unit. Over the next year and a half he grew close to the group and honed his skills.
One day Guard found one of his friends in the unit being killed by a traitor. In a blind rage he tackled him and began beating him. The rest of the unit ended up finding Guard beating the man with his own arm.
Over the next decade, Guard focused on his abilities to heal so that he’ll never lose another friend. His unit began quickly earning recognition and within the unit Guard began earning titles such as ‘Nonbleeder’ and ‘Woundmender’ but the name that stuck over the decade is ‘Limb-ripper’



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