Episodic Adventures

Sanvinea's Log I

Kind of a log anyways

Arrived at the Order of the Arcane Institute University. The caravan WAS AWFUL.

Went into the school, looking to see if any of the classes were clearly psionic. They weren’t.

Heading up stairs to the next level. Spotted someone trying to sneak after me. Caught her. She was surprised by this, and tumbled down the stairs head over heels. She didn’t want help. Very insistent on that. Introduced myself, her name is Zoas She said she’s looking for the secretary. Point her in the way of the front office. As she’s leaving I notice her patting something weapony. Not a good way to introduce oneself to one’s teachers. Head after her and attempt to keep her from getting arrested. Especially difficult when she plops her knife down and stats making threats.

Fortunately the secretary knew her? OK, why not. Found out that they do in fact have psionic classes. They’re on the top floor 3rd room just past the summoning circles. The secretary also knows where the girl’s going. To the summoning circles.

Girl’s heading to the summoning circle. Teacher recognizes her. Eventually.

Summoning circle going BAD. Sparks and things. Girl stands there stunned. I pull her out.

Something spikey comes out, and the summoner is knocked out against a wall. I call for help.

People come. Less murder death kill than anticipated. They talk in a language I MIRACULOUSLY don’t know. Must fix that.

Things cleared up. Zoas goes off with the teacher, I go off to the psionics classroom

INtroduce myself, find out I need to go back to the secretary, get a room, get enrolled. Typical schooly things. Meet up with Zoas. We opt to get a room together, because sharing a room is cheaper. Sheeeeeeeee doesn’t have enough moneys. Is trying to skirt around asking to borrow some. Apparently was a thief but is trying to be Less thief. She’s an interesting one. Eventually put the money down. 65 gold away!

We have a room! 17th floor! Keys! Room 1721!

Half orc musician gets a room to the 8th floor.

Zoas gets the window bed. I get the bed by the bathroom.




I get the books, and the information I need for the days I missed. I study!

Sooooooooooooooooo much!

Other important things happen and I am not part of them!

Because I am studying!

So studious!

Somewhere else are butts and bows!

Not here though!

Study study study!

Fingers in other places are being experimented on! In ways! Ways I am unaware of!

I smart the fuck out of my schoolwork!

Meet Zoas when I head back to my room. We meet up with the half orc. She speaks orcish. They orc. Zoas has a quest from the Questors. She offers me 20 gold to tag along. Grab the paper and discover that FUCK THAT. 20 gold is not a fair share of 500. I accept for 120. We need to go down to the 12th level of the dungeon and acquire A THING.

The spiked one joins in. Onward to ADVENTURE!



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