Episodic Adventures

Sanvinea's Log II

So much bat-elfs

We completed the quest to kill the guys. They had stuff. Awfully courteous of them.

One of them had a quarterstaff that just looked Darling. Yoink! It feels like it’s trying to draw energy from me. No thank you kindly not right now.

Some kind of missive in Draconic. It describes the location of another raiding party. 5 people left behind to expand their territory.

A map. X marks the spot. Could lead to glory, could lead to a glory hole. 2 days travel from here either way, in the same direction as the camp.

We agree that hunting down more raiders is probably important when hunting down raiders.

We successfully trek through the woods .

Arrive at the camp. Smoke still billowing from the firepit. We silently make it into the camp. 5 corpses without heads lying about. I don’t vomit from the gore. We encounter a single figure inside a tent. I try to heat up the tent to ignite it, but the thing inside comes out and attacks. I tried to wrap it up in the fabric, but it said nay nay. Real things pass through it apparently?

ENgulfed the half orc and knocked her to the ground. I pulled her out of the fight so she wouldn’t get slaughtered. Launched my staff at it, and managed to actually get a strike in.

The half orc backs off and starts looting. One of the corpses starts to get up. He pushes it back down.

We take the thing down.

Searching the grounds

Amongst other things, we find a Sack! Has space inside it. WAT.




Fangirl over it for a while.

Start dumping it out CAUSE I WANT TO HUG SPACE

We split up 150 gold that fall out

Other things falling out. Lots of things. Glass flasks of OH SHIT

Manage to avoid the ensuing fireball.

We take off to set up camp. 3 of 10 rations consumed.

Nothing occurs over night.

Hunt down some eggs and a fox for breakfast.

Head out looking for the X. Find markings that seem similar

Trees set up in a triangle

Start digging between them.

I fall, cause for SOME dumb reason, I opt to stand in the middle of the ground I’m shoveling

Launch my staff into the wall and catch myself. Don’t fall into a room and break my legs. There are two doors on either side of the room. Dwarven craftsmanship. The other two tie a rope and climb down. We go to the Left door!

As we’re walking along, we almost get darted by some kind of Dart thing. Start using my hands to press against blocks, looking for traps. Pass a few. One activates a log that swings down and rings the bard’s bell.

Balcony over a chasm. Cleric walks through a wall to a set of stairs. I follow and nearly break my nose. We can’t follow.

Something begins to whir. Clunks and machinery. Some sort of light way down at the bottom.

We eventually get down to the bottom. Begin to cross a thick bridge. Bridge unthickens by half in the middle. Catch the bard before he falls off. We continue and head down a set of stairs at the end. The stairs suddenly drop into slide formation.

We slide forever.

Reach a bottom. There are many colored lights. They are coming towards us. In Swarm form. Bats?

Start making lots of sound to disorient them. It doesn’t.

We run the fuck.

Looks like a rainbow elf with bat wings. Mephits?

Running MORE fuck.

Get to the light just before they reach us. It’s a pedastal with a crystal, and 3 levers. I pull the left one, the bard pulls the middle. The elf things cover us with awful, and the crystal bubbles protection around us. We’re safe!

Annnnnnd now the pedastal opens. There’s a rod inside? With a mace head? Flower pedal bloomish glow around the top. My TK arms don’t work. My hand does. Cleric eventually gets to us. We put the rod back in, pull the third lever. New aura pops out, expands, pops alllllll the mephits. We push up the last lever and get out. Time to go the hell away.

We face my arch nemesis. A slide. I cannot climb it. At all. Ever. What the fuck. FUCK. GRAVITY SUCKS!


We ascend, and fuck off. FOR NOW



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