Episodic Adventures

Sanvinea's Log III

Adventures in Glie!

Tests went really well! This is solidly unsurprising, as I studied my ass off. Spring break is now upon us, and us are me cause everyone else sodded off. I went down to talk to Mr. Tannenbaum; Questor and Centaur as lack of other things to do meant more time for enriching myself.

He’s heading out on vacation to Glie, so as he wouldn’t be able to offer payment till he got back, he offered me a job helping out in an antique shop there, where the owners would pay me.

I get there early enough in the morning to ensure myself a position on the caravan. Half a day’s travel occurs, getting noticeably easier once one of my fellow travelers opts to magically smooth out the ride, rather than paint the floor. Once

Shop is in the center of town, which is kind of shaped like a quarry, with a clock tower in the middle that reaches high enough up to be seen over the walls.

Went in. Met the owner, and introduced myself. Ianto. Showed him what I can do.

He had 3 crystals he wanted identified. Explained that magic isn’t really my forte, but I’d take a look.

Ioun Stone of indeterminate value
no idea
not certain, but definitely magic.

Tell him my findings. He shows me up to the attic, where I’ll be sleeping.

It’s not as bad as my Granny’s, but still pretty heavily unlived in. Un-dust things up. This takes a while.

Once I’m done, I get to work reorganizing the storefront. Spend some effort making sure to feature the fancies in the window, with objects of actual quality also visible, but off to the side. People who know them will think it’s questionable they weren’t featured, and people who don’t know them will be entranced by the fancies.

As I was working, I came across something that gave me a weird shiver down my arm. Couldn’t psionically affect it. Showed it to Ianto.

It’s silver, ornate, looks like an old magnifying glass that could be mounted on a staff or rod, ornate sculpture where the candle would normally be. Ianto and I have no idea what it is. He’ll have someone look into it.

He’s satisfied with my organizational skills, and sends me out to hand out flyers. I proceed to do so with the utmost of grace and making shit glow red. The kids around here are adorable!

Some guy started flirting at me while I was putting up one. Introduced himself as Marlo. Oh good. Senpai noticed me. His friends were chuckling from around the corner. Wanted to take me to a park where at sunrise, the hills just sing. Somehow his shoes got themselves tied together while we were chatting. He nearly fell on his face, and I took the opportunity to get back to work, and made my retreat.

During another show, I encountered a guy decked out with more weapons than I can hold at once. Fancy arcane markings on his face. He seemed interested in the flyer. I made introductions!

Garen Numera was his name, and he picked out my psionics on the spot. Haven’t had that happen too often. We discussed origin stories briefly.

Took him back to the shop. He found a book he wanted, some dragon story? Discovered that the magnifying glass we were looking at is some kind of nullification crystal. Didn’t effect me because I don’t have arcane energies. Sucked a spell out of Garen, which charged up the crystal. He could look through it now and see my arms. That’s pretty funky! Bit concerning too.

I went back to organizing, working on the main pathways first. Too many old expensive things denying gravity its prey.

Ianto went off to bed. Paid me ahead for the week. We discussed food and it sounded like he’s been surviving on bread alone. Went and checked out his pantry. He was better stocked than anticipated, and has a well tended veggie garden in the back lot. Not gonna worry about buying him proper foodstuffs.

Marlo lives behind Ianto’s shop. His mom is a harpy. Poor sod.

Off I go to explore the nightlife!

After a bit of wander, I hear the sound of fighting down an alley. Pop off the ground and go check it out. Garen’s standing over a corpse with a spear sticking out of his back. After clearing the corners, I make my presence known. He explains that an assailant had killed the man, then disappeared when attacked.

He gathers up the possessions of the corpse.

Since Garen still had a spear in him, we opted to go to the nearest cleric, which happened to be in the bottom of town. Quick trip, quick results.

We head in the direction of the aforementioned park with singing hills. Find a nice spot under a tree. The scroll shoots snakes at him. What the hell kind of scroll throws a snake?

Scroll is in runic. Ledger between transactions, donations, locations, jobs, sites, inventory. 3 store houses mentioned. No official stamp. This info is meant to be dark. Fraudulence! We opt away from handing this in to the government, in case they’re in on it. Warehouses are all more than a month away. We decide to sleep on it. BUT FIRST, VIGILANTEISM! Hopeful vigilanteism anyways. We go looking for trouble.


We head outways from town. See a caravan. A lot of caravan. An endless caravan. ONE OF THE WAGONS HAS A RIDE. GEARS. SEATS. I will ride it 1000 times.

No robbers here. Keep heading along it. Down in the merchants section, ther’s a bunch of horses that are moving with erraticity. The guy at the reigns is cloaked up hardcore, possibly to hide his furry clawed hands and wiggly ears.

Garen tosses a hammer at the furry. I am a bit surprised and perplexed by this, but then its hood flies back, and reveals a Gnoll. Then the caravan erupts with More Gnoll. They aren’t happy.

I’m ok with that.

Garen runs forth and showers the lot with colorful sand, which seems to mess up a couple of their heads. I grab a rock off the ground before shifting myself into the air and lobbing it at the lot with a bright flash.

One of the little flea-knobs runs underneath me and swings at my feet. He misses them by a lot. Another launches an arrow into my shoulder, and is promptly charged by my comrade. The one behind him drew a blade towards Garen’s back, so I dropped and crushed him to the ground. We finish bleeding them, and search the lot.

Found the corpses of the original merchants, half eaten and rotten. The caravan had been carrying food. Most is not there. One of the merchants from further down the chain comes up to investigate the happenings. Explained. He saw the meat of a friend of his and purged. He makes no claim on the caravan, so we do.

Wagon w/ ruined cover (75g), Warhorse, and Mustang Get!

Garen manages to calm down the horses a bit. Good thing cause I woulda had no idea what to do with them. I overhear him naming it Puff Puff. I may have squeed slightly, because that is ADORABLE.

We head back to town. Let the guards know what’s up. They got us healed and gave us the set. We find a parking spot for the caravan, drop off the bodies at the cemetery.

The next two weeks were so much awesome. I will write about this later!



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