Episodic Adventures

Sanvinea's Log IV

Day 4. Business is doing well! Store’s all cleaned up, the caravan has gotten itself into the city, and with it a lot of rich tourists. Been working inside, taking cash and expending suggestions. Came across a few odds and/or ends that Ianto hadn’t been aware of. A Teapot of making rad tea, some kind of mind-clouding magical book, a pair of boots that float themselves ceiling-ways, and a Wand of lightning calling.

Found a chest buried in the back corner of the store. Based on the dirt, and the stink, it must have been down there for at least 1,000,000 years. Swarming with bugs. Bitey bugs. Ianto has no idea where the key is. Surrounded myself with a fuck-off field and helped him cover it back up.

Was sweeping up around the counter, when I saw the little one with the badger, steaming up the glass. Invite him inside. He’s looking for a new sword. Took him to our meager little collection. Given that it’s basically just a bunch of bartered junk, nothing caught his eye. Good thing I’ve been making sure to cast my own eyes all around town when I’ve been out and about. Made him up a little map of all the nearby weapon/magic shops, and with a pleasant set of introductions, he sodded off.

Came back a little while later, talking about cloaked types watching stores and hiding in alleys. It’s a city, during a festival. Let him know that I’ve felt myself being watched for a couple of days, and not in the “hey, pretty lady is dancing in the street” kind of way.

He opts to hang out on the roof, look for anything dastardly.

Couple of uneventful hours go by, and I hear a crash from upstairs. Fortunately Ianto was entertaining the only people in the store, so I locked up and rushed upstairs. Some fucker had shattered the window into my bedroom. Who the hell would break into my bedroom? MY BACKPACK IS MISSING!

Ianto heard me exclaiming my appreciation of this, and I barely had time to explain before heading out the window and following the movement.

Fucker is FAST. Was able to slow him down briefly by dumping the photons out of the air in front of him, but he dashed through anyways. Tried to launch a few shingles at him. One caught him in the back, but the shit-thief was unfazed. He fired back a dagger that I wasn’t able to dodge in time. It caught me in the shoulder, but twisted my head up good. Poison’s fun that way. Zelwin tried to arrow him in the back but failed. Bastard was getting way too close to the water, and I couldn’t catch him in my arms, so I tore the strap he was holding it by instead.

The bastard took an arrow to the back and fell into the water by the sewage outlet. I got my backpack back, and could no longer see. Whatever, dickhead can enjoy some septic shock.

Zelwin made brief chatties with someone he knew, and helped me back to the shop. Explained the whatnots to Ianto, and the little one went out into the garden to make me some kind of poultice.

Ianto took off and let in Zel’s friend. Pointed her his way. As he was making talky to the fruits and vegetables, she came back inside. Introductions and briefings. Her name is Keira.

He came back in after a while and gave me goooooooooop. It was not good and did not want to stay in my tummy. I convinced myself it would do more good inside than out. Amazingly, I legitimately started feeling a little better, not that I doubted the little dude for a second.

I wish I’d noticed quicker, but his little badger pulled out and ATE THE MAGIC WARHAMMER. Just seagulled the whole damn thing down his little gob. I have no idea how because physics, but hey, magic? He’s not doing so good.

The two of them kindly offer to stick around through the night and make sure I’m ok, and also that I’m not visited by any midnight suitors.

Night occurred, and sleep beckoned the fuck out of me. I submitted.


Got woken up in the morning. Night went fine apparently, I feel a little better and HOLY SHIT THE RIDE IS OPEN TODAY. AT 3. 3 TODAY. We must be there.

Which would be a great plan if I didn’t have a shift today. I decide to nix on lunch, because priorities.

Ianto came in, and boarded up the window. He’s grumpy about his garden. Zelwin is gonna help sort things out there.

Tea is loooooooooooooooovely this morning..

I get to spend the day inside, as Keira handles the flyers.

Little old lady comes in for the 5th time in 5 days looking for the bread shop. Let her know where it is again.

Marlo comes in, looking for a china set for his mom. I hiiiiiiiid like a coward, and felt the purest form of shame. Zelwin tended to the shop semi-competently (with some non-verbal assistance)

Managed to unsell the tentacle that we encountered, after Marlo somehow figured out it was an Illithid jowl. Made things go dark when he almost spotted me.

Zel got the twat to buy a vase and leave. Keira encountered him on the way back. We all agreed that fuck that guy.

When Ianto came back, he asked me to move the chest down into the basement and NOT THROUGH THE DOOR AT THE END OF THE HALL.

I did so, specifically going not to where he told me to avoid.

When I came back up, Keira was staring at an ape foot, and there was a halfling lady customing.

She did not want to pay the cost of the teapot and left.

According to my friends, the monkey’s paw thing can grant wishes? Go discuss with Ianto. He gives no fucks and offers to sell it for 2 gold after properly giving no damns about what I had to say.

Zelwin bought the thing and made some kind of wish on it. One of the fingers went down, accompanied by whispering, an earthquake, and excessive amounts of suspense.

Helped unload the fuck out of the boxes, and hurried out to the festival.

I rode the ride.

It spun.

It twisted.

It sped.

It induced vomiting.


I rode it 37 times.

After taking a break from the ride, and enjoying some of the other festivities, I realized that the ledger was no longer on my person. Expressed disappointment vulgarly. It had been with me prior to sleep, and no one but me was on my person since sleep. It must have been taken overnight. So much for Zel and Keira watching over things..

Went back on the ride, paired up alongside a man named Clarence. Shouldn’t have done such a damn good job guiding him on how to shift his weight, cause he centrifugaled my guts out.

Worth it.

As the night dies down, so did my energy reserves. Said my goodnights, and went back to Ianto’s to tuck in.



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