Episodic Adventures

Sanvinea's Log V

Added to loathe list: Necromancers

Welp, the festival is over, and with it went my employment. Left Iando a bunch of info on how to not let the shop turn into a mess again, buuuuuuuut the chances of it not getting misplaced under one of his piles are pretty slim. Could barely even convince the old fart to give me a hug on the way out. He’s gonna miss me bad.

OOOH this is amazing. I’ve been hearing rumors from the school recently. Scary rumors. About ghosts. In the washroom.

It would seem that the spirit of the first wizard has been making an appearance, getting all grumpy, playing with the lights and blowing holes in walls.

That sounds terrifying, and I am stoked for getting back to school and furthering the lore.

Now to just hope that none of my compatriots are DOING A POOR JOB OF READING OVER MY SHOULDER.

OK. Moved. Now no one will know that said spirits are earthly bound. God that tickles me. I’m gonna need to step up my game to keep things fresh.

Got back to the school with Zoas, Garen, and Keira, and went off to see Mr. Tannenbaum re: my work. Zoas paid me back with interest, and I was about to help Keira out, when Garen offered to pay up for the rooms. What a generous soul!

Caught Tannenbaum and Garen discussing the “not a dungeon”. Learned that after floor 20, there be Gibbering Mouthers, after 30 there be Undead, and on 40 there’s a.. Death Tyrant? Something unpleasant sounding. I’ll try to not make acquaintances.

Got my stuff unpacked aaaannnnd I’m gonna need to do some laundry. Everything I own smells like it spent 24 hours behind a horse’s behind, and my nose and I reject that reality. Time to get showered, maybe afterwards I’ll wander down to the common room, talk to my fellow student-types about the ghastly ongoings. Better to know what the stories are before I try to add to them, after all.

Rumors are fun!

Ghost of the 1st mage is unpleased about the way magic is being taught.
Multiple ghost sightings on multiple floors. 16th floor most recently.
People hear moans coming from the 1st basement floor, when the necromancy is caught.
Ghost as a man wearing a cloak, transparent, sunken eyes, old wrinkly face. Seen rising up from the floor as if lying down. Eyes open, gaping. Spooky face.
1 student has been attacked. Left home to his family cause he couldn’t take the stress. Felt like all the life had been drained from him, and a putrid stench overcome him.
1 of the Necro students has been talking about trying to resurrect the first mage, and hold him ransom to get all the school’s fancies.
Potentially another person who is unhappy with his grades, and has been threatening to make the parents pay for the failings of the teachers.

Made chatties with some people on top of the learning. Cortan and Pepper Winkburns. Cortan’s got the magic in his blood with an interest in us mindies, and Pepper’s a paper popper. He’s a slab, with a (secret) love in fluffies, heh. They’re good people.

Zoas and I decided to head upways to the 16th floor, to see if we can encounter ghostliness, but ran into Garen and Keira, who were going down to the basement. Fuck ascension, down we go!

The must is strong with the hallways down here, surprising no one. First door we went into was full of floating nopes in test tubes. Nopes are us. WAT.

I signed nothing that agreed to this. Send mine groundways. Zoas’ too, at her behest.

As we abscond, the eyes of an elf open and follow me out. UNPLEASED.

Next door is not answered, but is at least locked. Zoas ducks down and resolves that.

It’s full of bones. Piles of bones. Some sorted, some not. Go to bugger off, and roomie goes in and busts some poor sod’s skull. Goes for another one, and Garen drags her out.

Decided to leave a teacher’s room alone. ALL OF US DID. One way or another.

Next room was an occupied class. The teacher in there. He knew where kid was; elsewhere. Had heard naught of ghosties.

We went down to the final door. Noted the much blood and clawmarks as the lock finished being sorted. Baaaaaacked the fuck off, but then Garen opted to go in. Dammit.

Some kind of glyph of warding painted across the floor. No idea what the contingency is. Someone dragged in a Rhino? How did they even get a Rhino in here? It is bigger than the entryway that does not physics WHAT IS WITH THINGS ENTERING SMALLER SPACES THAN THEY OCCUPY RECENTLY

Ugh. Magic. Whatever.

Shat. Shat shat. The door slammed on us, spinning us around and showing that Zoas is nowhere. Then a flash woke up the corpse. GREAT.

Garen got knocked aside by the bugger’s horn, and both my attacks bounced off it’s rotting hide. I am NOT happy. Neither is it, apparently, given that it turned and dumped Keira on her ass.

Calm down, focus.

Smashed it hard the second time around.

It dropped after another slash from Garen.

Made sure that Keira was ok, and tried to get the door open. It remains locked. Shook its stony ass into pieces.

Got out of the room just in time for some kind of gargoyle looking thing to come wandering into the hall. Went to knock it onto it’s face, when I realized that it was wearing Zoas’ clothes. And the lower part of her face. And was a hat.

Managed to pull my punch, and catch Garen before he split her in two. She disappeared cause she was looting Bones.




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