Episodic Adventures

Sanvinea's Log VI

Tricksy kobolds = Dead kobolds.

Heading back upstairs, we ran into Zelwin. Explained the night’s going ons to him. I was exhausted and sodded off immediately afterwards.

Zoas wasn’t in the room when I fell down in bed and passed out, and somehow hadn’t woken me up with her snoring when way too late greeted me in the morning. Had a bit of a panic before I realized what day it was, and that classes were elsewhen.

Opted for brunch, and went off to the physical training suite to get some practice in with my quarterstaff. Zel and Garen were coming out when I arrived, and they were giving me weird looks. Inquired as to wtf, and Zelwin demonstrated via reflectivity that my lips were now lizardy. They definitely weren’t that way earlier.

Talked to a resident illusionist who indicated that some random asshole had likely performed fuckery while walking down the hall.

Fucking Wizards!

FUCK fucking wizards!

Who the hell decided that me becoming a student here was a good idea?

Oh right, the same person who will be able to telekinetically squeeze the twat who did this like a sea cucumber when they’re confused as to why my scales are lip colored again.

After a hefty session of grumbling, exacerbated by the training hall not being available for another 2 hours, I made up my lips and met the rest in the caf.

It was decided that for lack of literally anything else to do around here at the moment, we’d head down to the dungeon and engage in university sanctioned murder-looting.

The first group we encountered was a pack of kobolds so incompetent that I actually killed one accidentally when an arrow it fired got caught in my kinetic barrier and launched back through it’s skull.

They had a handful of copper, some short spears, and a book of Grimoire? Something like that. Meh. ONWARDS TO GLORY!

Glory, perhaps, is the name of the single 6-eyed kobold who greeted us in the next room.

Sighed and made my way forward to end things quickly, but was suddenly forced to the ground, which knocked the wind out of me. I found this unpleasant.

Got to watch a bunch more glyphs erupt along the ground as Garen rushed forwards. It was super pretty and quickly over with as the little shit traded places with Keira.

Got back on my feet and smashed the turd in the back, knocking him forwards into Rammus’ loving arms. And teeth.

Sharp nasty pointy teeth.

He didn’t survive much longer.

Fortunately his Rod of Glyph of Warding survived, as did a lockbox and a ring

Used his smug little assface to set off the rest of the traps, while Zelwin popped open the box, which was full of various and sundry scrolls.

As Garen was figuring out what things were, one of the scrolls popped and knocked Keira on her face. Goddamn we need to get her checked out for whatever makes her pass out all the time.

We aimed to bid poorwell to the dungeon, but had to deal with the fact that the way back out had moved on us. And there were shits in the way. Or at least one shit. A little shit golem. A sad little depressing shit golem that was afraid of us. Go away little shit golem. Find a better job.

We got back to the infirmary, and got people resting. Maybe I’ll go see if the training room is open now..



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