Episodic Adventures

Guard's Journal I

The battle was two days ago. The unit managed to get out without any casualties on their side and minimal casualties for the enemy. Broken wills is the aim.
The unit was treating Guard to a night of drinking. He had managed to keep everyone around again and they wanted to show their gratitude. He was on his way to the tavern, his soul in hand. He never left anywhere without it. Suddenly he seizes up. He dropped to one knee as it felt like electricity courses through his body. Suddenly, a white light engulfed him.
He found himself in a strange room, similar to the ones he used to study in as a child. His soul was thankfully still in his hand. As he stood up, he felt weaker. Something wasn’t right. Looking around he noticed a man was unconscious. Before he could do anything, several people appeared at the door, speaking languages he didn’t know. He responded and thankfully they understood. The situation was quickly defused. As he was about to be escorted away, Guard was able to activate a spell to check on the unconscious person’s status. As he did so, he noticed one of the children was on death’s door and was terribly battered and bruised. He healed her before healing the unconscious man.
On his way to the room, he was informed that he might not be able to go home and that he would be given a room for a month and that he could earn his keep afterwards. He was also aware of the amount of people staring at him. He requested a cloak after reaching his room. Laying down he realized he was far more exhausted after casting the spells than he should have been.
After some time he was allowed to roam the halls with an escort. He bumped into the girl he had healed the day before. He was unable to communicate at all with her. Noted.
Later in the day he ran into her gain with two others. It was brought to his attention that they were going into some sort of dungeon. He couldn’t in good conscious allow the fragile female to head out on her own. He asked if his services could be used. Thankfully the two others could understand him and a price was agreed of 80 gold. Adventure awaits.



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