Episodic Adventures

Sorry I couldn't hear you over the Skeletons

No really, what was that?

Here we are in the middle of a rave for the dead? I’m not complaining, I got to crowd surf! Getting here sure was a struggle though, with the Mrs and Anduin in tow I mean. Anduin wasn’t too hard to convince, but the Mrs took some prodding.
Okay, so before we even left town I had to go around asking questions and I had to figure out what that ring was all about too. Turns out it was the invitation I was looking for! Those big guys at the mausoleum were sure to let me in I knew it, and they did later. But anyways after going around asking questions Anduin decided he wanted to ask the stables guy if he wanted any help and Anduin got stuck mucking horse smellies out of the stables… I on the other hand went to go play with my new friend! I really wish i had a cat that would follow me around and be my friend, hopefully one that doesn’t get weirded out when i change into two legs. The Gods only new what the Mrs was doing at the time cause i can’t remember whoopsies… Oh well I found the Mrs later after dinner because it was time to go, but Anduin decided he wanted to wash up? He was definitely smellie from the smellies. Long story short, Anduin went to the pond which is the wrong way and we left without him and ended up in the mausoleum without him, we even waited! I think it was his short horse. So slow.
We made it inside the mausoleum with my ring! I really didn’t have my doubts but who knew, we could have been asked where we found the ring….. NOPE don’t want that to happen. Did I mention how awesome this music is? I’ve never heard it before! Also, I found out who the ring belonged to, whoops again. But the Lady was comforting that man, she is wonderful and I can’t believe it she wants me to stay! I’m so honoured. I’ll do anything for her…



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