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Sanvinea's Log I
Kind of a log anyways

Arrived at the Order of the Arcane Institute University. The caravan WAS AWFUL.

Went into the school, looking to see if any of the classes were clearly psionic. They weren’t.

Heading up stairs to the next level. Spotted someone trying to sneak after me. Caught her. She was surprised by this, and tumbled down the stairs head over heels. She didn’t want help. Very insistent on that. Introduced myself, her name is Zoas She said she’s looking for the secretary. Point her in the way of the front office. As she’s leaving I notice her patting something weapony. Not a good way to introduce oneself to one’s teachers. Head after her and attempt to keep her from getting arrested. Especially difficult when she plops her knife down and stats making threats.

Fortunately the secretary knew her? OK, why not. Found out that they do in fact have psionic classes. They’re on the top floor 3rd room just past the summoning circles. The secretary also knows where the girl’s going. To the summoning circles.

Girl’s heading to the summoning circle. Teacher recognizes her. Eventually.

Summoning circle going BAD. Sparks and things. Girl stands there stunned. I pull her out.

Something spikey comes out, and the summoner is knocked out against a wall. I call for help.

People come. Less murder death kill than anticipated. They talk in a language I MIRACULOUSLY don’t know. Must fix that.

Things cleared up. Zoas goes off with the teacher, I go off to the psionics classroom

INtroduce myself, find out I need to go back to the secretary, get a room, get enrolled. Typical schooly things. Meet up with Zoas. We opt to get a room together, because sharing a room is cheaper. Sheeeeeeeee doesn’t have enough moneys. Is trying to skirt around asking to borrow some. Apparently was a thief but is trying to be Less thief. She’s an interesting one. Eventually put the money down. 65 gold away!

We have a room! 17th floor! Keys! Room 1721!

Half orc musician gets a room to the 8th floor.

Zoas gets the window bed. I get the bed by the bathroom.




I get the books, and the information I need for the days I missed. I study!

Sooooooooooooooooo much!

Other important things happen and I am not part of them!

Because I am studying!

So studious!

Somewhere else are butts and bows!

Not here though!

Study study study!

Fingers in other places are being experimented on! In ways! Ways I am unaware of!

I smart the fuck out of my schoolwork!

Meet Zoas when I head back to my room. We meet up with the half orc. She speaks orcish. They orc. Zoas has a quest from the Questors. She offers me 20 gold to tag along. Grab the paper and discover that FUCK THAT. 20 gold is not a fair share of 500. I accept for 120. We need to go down to the 12th level of the dungeon and acquire A THING.

The spiked one joins in. Onward to ADVENTURE!

Sanvinea's Log II
So much bat-elfs

We completed the quest to kill the guys. They had stuff. Awfully courteous of them.

One of them had a quarterstaff that just looked Darling. Yoink! It feels like it’s trying to draw energy from me. No thank you kindly not right now.

Some kind of missive in Draconic. It describes the location of another raiding party. 5 people left behind to expand their territory.

A map. X marks the spot. Could lead to glory, could lead to a glory hole. 2 days travel from here either way, in the same direction as the camp.

We agree that hunting down more raiders is probably important when hunting down raiders.

We successfully trek through the woods .

Arrive at the camp. Smoke still billowing from the firepit. We silently make it into the camp. 5 corpses without heads lying about. I don’t vomit from the gore. We encounter a single figure inside a tent. I try to heat up the tent to ignite it, but the thing inside comes out and attacks. I tried to wrap it up in the fabric, but it said nay nay. Real things pass through it apparently?

ENgulfed the half orc and knocked her to the ground. I pulled her out of the fight so she wouldn’t get slaughtered. Launched my staff at it, and managed to actually get a strike in.

The half orc backs off and starts looting. One of the corpses starts to get up. He pushes it back down.

We take the thing down.

Searching the grounds

Amongst other things, we find a Sack! Has space inside it. WAT.




Fangirl over it for a while.

Start dumping it out CAUSE I WANT TO HUG SPACE

We split up 150 gold that fall out

Other things falling out. Lots of things. Glass flasks of OH SHIT

Manage to avoid the ensuing fireball.

We take off to set up camp. 3 of 10 rations consumed.

Nothing occurs over night.

Hunt down some eggs and a fox for breakfast.

Head out looking for the X. Find markings that seem similar

Trees set up in a triangle

Start digging between them.

I fall, cause for SOME dumb reason, I opt to stand in the middle of the ground I’m shoveling

Launch my staff into the wall and catch myself. Don’t fall into a room and break my legs. There are two doors on either side of the room. Dwarven craftsmanship. The other two tie a rope and climb down. We go to the Left door!

As we’re walking along, we almost get darted by some kind of Dart thing. Start using my hands to press against blocks, looking for traps. Pass a few. One activates a log that swings down and rings the bard’s bell.

Balcony over a chasm. Cleric walks through a wall to a set of stairs. I follow and nearly break my nose. We can’t follow.

Something begins to whir. Clunks and machinery. Some sort of light way down at the bottom.

We eventually get down to the bottom. Begin to cross a thick bridge. Bridge unthickens by half in the middle. Catch the bard before he falls off. We continue and head down a set of stairs at the end. The stairs suddenly drop into slide formation.

We slide forever.

Reach a bottom. There are many colored lights. They are coming towards us. In Swarm form. Bats?

Start making lots of sound to disorient them. It doesn’t.

We run the fuck.

Looks like a rainbow elf with bat wings. Mephits?

Running MORE fuck.

Get to the light just before they reach us. It’s a pedastal with a crystal, and 3 levers. I pull the left one, the bard pulls the middle. The elf things cover us with awful, and the crystal bubbles protection around us. We’re safe!

Annnnnnd now the pedastal opens. There’s a rod inside? With a mace head? Flower pedal bloomish glow around the top. My TK arms don’t work. My hand does. Cleric eventually gets to us. We put the rod back in, pull the third lever. New aura pops out, expands, pops alllllll the mephits. We push up the last lever and get out. Time to go the hell away.

We face my arch nemesis. A slide. I cannot climb it. At all. Ever. What the fuck. FUCK. GRAVITY SUCKS!


We ascend, and fuck off. FOR NOW

Guard Limb-Ripper

Guard was born under unusual circumstances. His parents had tried over and over and had all but given up. They came to the conclusion that they could not bare a child. But Guard’s appearance proved otherwise. His parents claimed that he was a miracle granted to them by the gods.
Guard grew up defending those weaker than him. This was considered odd in a society that valued strength above all else. This got Guard moved into the church by the age of 10 with hopes of becoming a healer within the army. The teachings allowed him to access basic abilities to heal. It was noticed rather early that despite all his efforts, Guard’s spells weren’t becoming stronger. He could, however, cast basic spells more often and didn’t appear to actually need the prayers or the preparations.
One night, Guard had a dream. He was told that he would learn nothing more from the church. He was told that he’d receive power if he sought out evil and destroy it. After this dream, Guard left the church and enlisted in a military school at the age of 14. He hoped that the military would allow him to find the evil he heard of. He remained in the school until the age of 18 which is when he was recruited into the army.
He very quickly became attached to great sword, almost like an impulse. In training, he was incredibly aggressive and very unpredictable. The higher ups often scolded him and tried to correct his behaviour. Guard was beat down repeatedly but refused to change his fighting style. He quickly began to learn how to react to oncoming attacks.
His refusal change his style and his quick learning quickly got him placed in a shock unit. Over the next year and a half he grew close to the group and honed his skills.
One day Guard found one of his friends in the unit being killed by a traitor. In a blind rage he tackled him and began beating him. The rest of the unit ended up finding Guard beating the man with his own arm.
Over the next decade, Guard focused on his abilities to heal so that he’ll never lose another friend. His unit began quickly earning recognition and within the unit Guard began earning titles such as ‘Nonbleeder’ and ‘Woundmender’ but the name that stuck over the decade is ‘Limb-ripper’

Guard's Journal I

The battle was two days ago. The unit managed to get out without any casualties on their side and minimal casualties for the enemy. Broken wills is the aim.
The unit was treating Guard to a night of drinking. He had managed to keep everyone around again and they wanted to show their gratitude. He was on his way to the tavern, his soul in hand. He never left anywhere without it. Suddenly he seizes up. He dropped to one knee as it felt like electricity courses through his body. Suddenly, a white light engulfed him.
He found himself in a strange room, similar to the ones he used to study in as a child. His soul was thankfully still in his hand. As he stood up, he felt weaker. Something wasn’t right. Looking around he noticed a man was unconscious. Before he could do anything, several people appeared at the door, speaking languages he didn’t know. He responded and thankfully they understood. The situation was quickly defused. As he was about to be escorted away, Guard was able to activate a spell to check on the unconscious person’s status. As he did so, he noticed one of the children was on death’s door and was terribly battered and bruised. He healed her before healing the unconscious man.
On his way to the room, he was informed that he might not be able to go home and that he would be given a room for a month and that he could earn his keep afterwards. He was also aware of the amount of people staring at him. He requested a cloak after reaching his room. Laying down he realized he was far more exhausted after casting the spells than he should have been.
After some time he was allowed to roam the halls with an escort. He bumped into the girl he had healed the day before. He was unable to communicate at all with her. Noted.
Later in the day he ran into her gain with two others. It was brought to his attention that they were going into some sort of dungeon. He couldn’t in good conscious allow the fragile female to head out on her own. He asked if his services could be used. Thankfully the two others could understand him and a price was agreed of 80 gold. Adventure awaits.

Sanvinea's Log III
Adventures in Glie!

Tests went really well! This is solidly unsurprising, as I studied my ass off. Spring break is now upon us, and us are me cause everyone else sodded off. I went down to talk to Mr. Tannenbaum; Questor and Centaur as lack of other things to do meant more time for enriching myself.

He’s heading out on vacation to Glie, so as he wouldn’t be able to offer payment till he got back, he offered me a job helping out in an antique shop there, where the owners would pay me.

I get there early enough in the morning to ensure myself a position on the caravan. Half a day’s travel occurs, getting noticeably easier once one of my fellow travelers opts to magically smooth out the ride, rather than paint the floor. Once

Shop is in the center of town, which is kind of shaped like a quarry, with a clock tower in the middle that reaches high enough up to be seen over the walls.

Went in. Met the owner, and introduced myself. Ianto. Showed him what I can do.

He had 3 crystals he wanted identified. Explained that magic isn’t really my forte, but I’d take a look.

Ioun Stone of indeterminate value
no idea
not certain, but definitely magic.

Tell him my findings. He shows me up to the attic, where I’ll be sleeping.

It’s not as bad as my Granny’s, but still pretty heavily unlived in. Un-dust things up. This takes a while.

Once I’m done, I get to work reorganizing the storefront. Spend some effort making sure to feature the fancies in the window, with objects of actual quality also visible, but off to the side. People who know them will think it’s questionable they weren’t featured, and people who don’t know them will be entranced by the fancies.

As I was working, I came across something that gave me a weird shiver down my arm. Couldn’t psionically affect it. Showed it to Ianto.

It’s silver, ornate, looks like an old magnifying glass that could be mounted on a staff or rod, ornate sculpture where the candle would normally be. Ianto and I have no idea what it is. He’ll have someone look into it.

He’s satisfied with my organizational skills, and sends me out to hand out flyers. I proceed to do so with the utmost of grace and making shit glow red. The kids around here are adorable!

Some guy started flirting at me while I was putting up one. Introduced himself as Marlo. Oh good. Senpai noticed me. His friends were chuckling from around the corner. Wanted to take me to a park where at sunrise, the hills just sing. Somehow his shoes got themselves tied together while we were chatting. He nearly fell on his face, and I took the opportunity to get back to work, and made my retreat.

During another show, I encountered a guy decked out with more weapons than I can hold at once. Fancy arcane markings on his face. He seemed interested in the flyer. I made introductions!

Garen Numera was his name, and he picked out my psionics on the spot. Haven’t had that happen too often. We discussed origin stories briefly.

Took him back to the shop. He found a book he wanted, some dragon story? Discovered that the magnifying glass we were looking at is some kind of nullification crystal. Didn’t effect me because I don’t have arcane energies. Sucked a spell out of Garen, which charged up the crystal. He could look through it now and see my arms. That’s pretty funky! Bit concerning too.

I went back to organizing, working on the main pathways first. Too many old expensive things denying gravity its prey.

Ianto went off to bed. Paid me ahead for the week. We discussed food and it sounded like he’s been surviving on bread alone. Went and checked out his pantry. He was better stocked than anticipated, and has a well tended veggie garden in the back lot. Not gonna worry about buying him proper foodstuffs.

Marlo lives behind Ianto’s shop. His mom is a harpy. Poor sod.

Off I go to explore the nightlife!

After a bit of wander, I hear the sound of fighting down an alley. Pop off the ground and go check it out. Garen’s standing over a corpse with a spear sticking out of his back. After clearing the corners, I make my presence known. He explains that an assailant had killed the man, then disappeared when attacked.

He gathers up the possessions of the corpse.

Since Garen still had a spear in him, we opted to go to the nearest cleric, which happened to be in the bottom of town. Quick trip, quick results.

We head in the direction of the aforementioned park with singing hills. Find a nice spot under a tree. The scroll shoots snakes at him. What the hell kind of scroll throws a snake?

Scroll is in runic. Ledger between transactions, donations, locations, jobs, sites, inventory. 3 store houses mentioned. No official stamp. This info is meant to be dark. Fraudulence! We opt away from handing this in to the government, in case they’re in on it. Warehouses are all more than a month away. We decide to sleep on it. BUT FIRST, VIGILANTEISM! Hopeful vigilanteism anyways. We go looking for trouble.


We head outways from town. See a caravan. A lot of caravan. An endless caravan. ONE OF THE WAGONS HAS A RIDE. GEARS. SEATS. I will ride it 1000 times.

No robbers here. Keep heading along it. Down in the merchants section, ther’s a bunch of horses that are moving with erraticity. The guy at the reigns is cloaked up hardcore, possibly to hide his furry clawed hands and wiggly ears.

Garen tosses a hammer at the furry. I am a bit surprised and perplexed by this, but then its hood flies back, and reveals a Gnoll. Then the caravan erupts with More Gnoll. They aren’t happy.

I’m ok with that.

Garen runs forth and showers the lot with colorful sand, which seems to mess up a couple of their heads. I grab a rock off the ground before shifting myself into the air and lobbing it at the lot with a bright flash.

One of the little flea-knobs runs underneath me and swings at my feet. He misses them by a lot. Another launches an arrow into my shoulder, and is promptly charged by my comrade. The one behind him drew a blade towards Garen’s back, so I dropped and crushed him to the ground. We finish bleeding them, and search the lot.

Found the corpses of the original merchants, half eaten and rotten. The caravan had been carrying food. Most is not there. One of the merchants from further down the chain comes up to investigate the happenings. Explained. He saw the meat of a friend of his and purged. He makes no claim on the caravan, so we do.

Wagon w/ ruined cover (75g), Warhorse, and Mustang Get!

Garen manages to calm down the horses a bit. Good thing cause I woulda had no idea what to do with them. I overhear him naming it Puff Puff. I may have squeed slightly, because that is ADORABLE.

We head back to town. Let the guards know what’s up. They got us healed and gave us the set. We find a parking spot for the caravan, drop off the bodies at the cemetery.

The next two weeks were so much awesome. I will write about this later!

Sanvinea's Log IV

Day 4. Business is doing well! Store’s all cleaned up, the caravan has gotten itself into the city, and with it a lot of rich tourists. Been working inside, taking cash and expending suggestions. Came across a few odds and/or ends that Ianto hadn’t been aware of. A Teapot of making rad tea, some kind of mind-clouding magical book, a pair of boots that float themselves ceiling-ways, and a Wand of lightning calling.

Found a chest buried in the back corner of the store. Based on the dirt, and the stink, it must have been down there for at least 1,000,000 years. Swarming with bugs. Bitey bugs. Ianto has no idea where the key is. Surrounded myself with a fuck-off field and helped him cover it back up.

Was sweeping up around the counter, when I saw the little one with the badger, steaming up the glass. Invite him inside. He’s looking for a new sword. Took him to our meager little collection. Given that it’s basically just a bunch of bartered junk, nothing caught his eye. Good thing I’ve been making sure to cast my own eyes all around town when I’ve been out and about. Made him up a little map of all the nearby weapon/magic shops, and with a pleasant set of introductions, he sodded off.

Came back a little while later, talking about cloaked types watching stores and hiding in alleys. It’s a city, during a festival. Let him know that I’ve felt myself being watched for a couple of days, and not in the “hey, pretty lady is dancing in the street” kind of way.

He opts to hang out on the roof, look for anything dastardly.

Couple of uneventful hours go by, and I hear a crash from upstairs. Fortunately Ianto was entertaining the only people in the store, so I locked up and rushed upstairs. Some fucker had shattered the window into my bedroom. Who the hell would break into my bedroom? MY BACKPACK IS MISSING!

Ianto heard me exclaiming my appreciation of this, and I barely had time to explain before heading out the window and following the movement.

Fucker is FAST. Was able to slow him down briefly by dumping the photons out of the air in front of him, but he dashed through anyways. Tried to launch a few shingles at him. One caught him in the back, but the shit-thief was unfazed. He fired back a dagger that I wasn’t able to dodge in time. It caught me in the shoulder, but twisted my head up good. Poison’s fun that way. Zelwin tried to arrow him in the back but failed. Bastard was getting way too close to the water, and I couldn’t catch him in my arms, so I tore the strap he was holding it by instead.

The bastard took an arrow to the back and fell into the water by the sewage outlet. I got my backpack back, and could no longer see. Whatever, dickhead can enjoy some septic shock.

Zelwin made brief chatties with someone he knew, and helped me back to the shop. Explained the whatnots to Ianto, and the little one went out into the garden to make me some kind of poultice.

Ianto took off and let in Zel’s friend. Pointed her his way. As he was making talky to the fruits and vegetables, she came back inside. Introductions and briefings. Her name is Keira.

He came back in after a while and gave me goooooooooop. It was not good and did not want to stay in my tummy. I convinced myself it would do more good inside than out. Amazingly, I legitimately started feeling a little better, not that I doubted the little dude for a second.

I wish I’d noticed quicker, but his little badger pulled out and ATE THE MAGIC WARHAMMER. Just seagulled the whole damn thing down his little gob. I have no idea how because physics, but hey, magic? He’s not doing so good.

The two of them kindly offer to stick around through the night and make sure I’m ok, and also that I’m not visited by any midnight suitors.

Night occurred, and sleep beckoned the fuck out of me. I submitted.


Got woken up in the morning. Night went fine apparently, I feel a little better and HOLY SHIT THE RIDE IS OPEN TODAY. AT 3. 3 TODAY. We must be there.

Which would be a great plan if I didn’t have a shift today. I decide to nix on lunch, because priorities.

Ianto came in, and boarded up the window. He’s grumpy about his garden. Zelwin is gonna help sort things out there.

Tea is loooooooooooooooovely this morning..

I get to spend the day inside, as Keira handles the flyers.

Little old lady comes in for the 5th time in 5 days looking for the bread shop. Let her know where it is again.

Marlo comes in, looking for a china set for his mom. I hiiiiiiiid like a coward, and felt the purest form of shame. Zelwin tended to the shop semi-competently (with some non-verbal assistance)

Managed to unsell the tentacle that we encountered, after Marlo somehow figured out it was an Illithid jowl. Made things go dark when he almost spotted me.

Zel got the twat to buy a vase and leave. Keira encountered him on the way back. We all agreed that fuck that guy.

When Ianto came back, he asked me to move the chest down into the basement and NOT THROUGH THE DOOR AT THE END OF THE HALL.

I did so, specifically going not to where he told me to avoid.

When I came back up, Keira was staring at an ape foot, and there was a halfling lady customing.

She did not want to pay the cost of the teapot and left.

According to my friends, the monkey’s paw thing can grant wishes? Go discuss with Ianto. He gives no fucks and offers to sell it for 2 gold after properly giving no damns about what I had to say.

Zelwin bought the thing and made some kind of wish on it. One of the fingers went down, accompanied by whispering, an earthquake, and excessive amounts of suspense.

Helped unload the fuck out of the boxes, and hurried out to the festival.

I rode the ride.

It spun.

It twisted.

It sped.

It induced vomiting.


I rode it 37 times.

After taking a break from the ride, and enjoying some of the other festivities, I realized that the ledger was no longer on my person. Expressed disappointment vulgarly. It had been with me prior to sleep, and no one but me was on my person since sleep. It must have been taken overnight. So much for Zel and Keira watching over things..

Went back on the ride, paired up alongside a man named Clarence. Shouldn’t have done such a damn good job guiding him on how to shift his weight, cause he centrifugaled my guts out.

Worth it.

As the night dies down, so did my energy reserves. Said my goodnights, and went back to Ianto’s to tuck in.

Sanvinea's Log V
Added to loathe list: Necromancers

Welp, the festival is over, and with it went my employment. Left Iando a bunch of info on how to not let the shop turn into a mess again, buuuuuuuut the chances of it not getting misplaced under one of his piles are pretty slim. Could barely even convince the old fart to give me a hug on the way out. He’s gonna miss me bad.

OOOH this is amazing. I’ve been hearing rumors from the school recently. Scary rumors. About ghosts. In the washroom.

It would seem that the spirit of the first wizard has been making an appearance, getting all grumpy, playing with the lights and blowing holes in walls.

That sounds terrifying, and I am stoked for getting back to school and furthering the lore.

Now to just hope that none of my compatriots are DOING A POOR JOB OF READING OVER MY SHOULDER.

OK. Moved. Now no one will know that said spirits are earthly bound. God that tickles me. I’m gonna need to step up my game to keep things fresh.

Got back to the school with Zoas, Garen, and Keira, and went off to see Mr. Tannenbaum re: my work. Zoas paid me back with interest, and I was about to help Keira out, when Garen offered to pay up for the rooms. What a generous soul!

Caught Tannenbaum and Garen discussing the “not a dungeon”. Learned that after floor 20, there be Gibbering Mouthers, after 30 there be Undead, and on 40 there’s a.. Death Tyrant? Something unpleasant sounding. I’ll try to not make acquaintances.

Got my stuff unpacked aaaannnnd I’m gonna need to do some laundry. Everything I own smells like it spent 24 hours behind a horse’s behind, and my nose and I reject that reality. Time to get showered, maybe afterwards I’ll wander down to the common room, talk to my fellow student-types about the ghastly ongoings. Better to know what the stories are before I try to add to them, after all.

Rumors are fun!

Ghost of the 1st mage is unpleased about the way magic is being taught.
Multiple ghost sightings on multiple floors. 16th floor most recently.
People hear moans coming from the 1st basement floor, when the necromancy is caught.
Ghost as a man wearing a cloak, transparent, sunken eyes, old wrinkly face. Seen rising up from the floor as if lying down. Eyes open, gaping. Spooky face.
1 student has been attacked. Left home to his family cause he couldn’t take the stress. Felt like all the life had been drained from him, and a putrid stench overcome him.
1 of the Necro students has been talking about trying to resurrect the first mage, and hold him ransom to get all the school’s fancies.
Potentially another person who is unhappy with his grades, and has been threatening to make the parents pay for the failings of the teachers.

Made chatties with some people on top of the learning. Cortan and Pepper Winkburns. Cortan’s got the magic in his blood with an interest in us mindies, and Pepper’s a paper popper. He’s a slab, with a (secret) love in fluffies, heh. They’re good people.

Zoas and I decided to head upways to the 16th floor, to see if we can encounter ghostliness, but ran into Garen and Keira, who were going down to the basement. Fuck ascension, down we go!

The must is strong with the hallways down here, surprising no one. First door we went into was full of floating nopes in test tubes. Nopes are us. WAT.

I signed nothing that agreed to this. Send mine groundways. Zoas’ too, at her behest.

As we abscond, the eyes of an elf open and follow me out. UNPLEASED.

Next door is not answered, but is at least locked. Zoas ducks down and resolves that.

It’s full of bones. Piles of bones. Some sorted, some not. Go to bugger off, and roomie goes in and busts some poor sod’s skull. Goes for another one, and Garen drags her out.

Decided to leave a teacher’s room alone. ALL OF US DID. One way or another.

Next room was an occupied class. The teacher in there. He knew where kid was; elsewhere. Had heard naught of ghosties.

We went down to the final door. Noted the much blood and clawmarks as the lock finished being sorted. Baaaaaacked the fuck off, but then Garen opted to go in. Dammit.

Some kind of glyph of warding painted across the floor. No idea what the contingency is. Someone dragged in a Rhino? How did they even get a Rhino in here? It is bigger than the entryway that does not physics WHAT IS WITH THINGS ENTERING SMALLER SPACES THAN THEY OCCUPY RECENTLY

Ugh. Magic. Whatever.

Shat. Shat shat. The door slammed on us, spinning us around and showing that Zoas is nowhere. Then a flash woke up the corpse. GREAT.

Garen got knocked aside by the bugger’s horn, and both my attacks bounced off it’s rotting hide. I am NOT happy. Neither is it, apparently, given that it turned and dumped Keira on her ass.

Calm down, focus.

Smashed it hard the second time around.

It dropped after another slash from Garen.

Made sure that Keira was ok, and tried to get the door open. It remains locked. Shook its stony ass into pieces.

Got out of the room just in time for some kind of gargoyle looking thing to come wandering into the hall. Went to knock it onto it’s face, when I realized that it was wearing Zoas’ clothes. And the lower part of her face. And was a hat.

Managed to pull my punch, and catch Garen before he split her in two. She disappeared cause she was looting Bones.


Sanvinea's Log VI
Tricksy kobolds = Dead kobolds.

Heading back upstairs, we ran into Zelwin. Explained the night’s going ons to him. I was exhausted and sodded off immediately afterwards.

Zoas wasn’t in the room when I fell down in bed and passed out, and somehow hadn’t woken me up with her snoring when way too late greeted me in the morning. Had a bit of a panic before I realized what day it was, and that classes were elsewhen.

Opted for brunch, and went off to the physical training suite to get some practice in with my quarterstaff. Zel and Garen were coming out when I arrived, and they were giving me weird looks. Inquired as to wtf, and Zelwin demonstrated via reflectivity that my lips were now lizardy. They definitely weren’t that way earlier.

Talked to a resident illusionist who indicated that some random asshole had likely performed fuckery while walking down the hall.

Fucking Wizards!

FUCK fucking wizards!

Who the hell decided that me becoming a student here was a good idea?

Oh right, the same person who will be able to telekinetically squeeze the twat who did this like a sea cucumber when they’re confused as to why my scales are lip colored again.

After a hefty session of grumbling, exacerbated by the training hall not being available for another 2 hours, I made up my lips and met the rest in the caf.

It was decided that for lack of literally anything else to do around here at the moment, we’d head down to the dungeon and engage in university sanctioned murder-looting.

The first group we encountered was a pack of kobolds so incompetent that I actually killed one accidentally when an arrow it fired got caught in my kinetic barrier and launched back through it’s skull.

They had a handful of copper, some short spears, and a book of Grimoire? Something like that. Meh. ONWARDS TO GLORY!

Glory, perhaps, is the name of the single 6-eyed kobold who greeted us in the next room.

Sighed and made my way forward to end things quickly, but was suddenly forced to the ground, which knocked the wind out of me. I found this unpleasant.

Got to watch a bunch more glyphs erupt along the ground as Garen rushed forwards. It was super pretty and quickly over with as the little shit traded places with Keira.

Got back on my feet and smashed the turd in the back, knocking him forwards into Rammus’ loving arms. And teeth.

Sharp nasty pointy teeth.

He didn’t survive much longer.

Fortunately his Rod of Glyph of Warding survived, as did a lockbox and a ring

Used his smug little assface to set off the rest of the traps, while Zelwin popped open the box, which was full of various and sundry scrolls.

As Garen was figuring out what things were, one of the scrolls popped and knocked Keira on her face. Goddamn we need to get her checked out for whatever makes her pass out all the time.

We aimed to bid poorwell to the dungeon, but had to deal with the fact that the way back out had moved on us. And there were shits in the way. Or at least one shit. A little shit golem. A sad little depressing shit golem that was afraid of us. Go away little shit golem. Find a better job.

We got back to the infirmary, and got people resting. Maybe I’ll go see if the training room is open now..

Sorry I couldn't hear you over the Skeletons
No really, what was that?

Here we are in the middle of a rave for the dead? I’m not complaining, I got to crowd surf! Getting here sure was a struggle though, with the Mrs and Anduin in tow I mean. Anduin wasn’t too hard to convince, but the Mrs took some prodding.
Okay, so before we even left town I had to go around asking questions and I had to figure out what that ring was all about too. Turns out it was the invitation I was looking for! Those big guys at the mausoleum were sure to let me in I knew it, and they did later. But anyways after going around asking questions Anduin decided he wanted to ask the stables guy if he wanted any help and Anduin got stuck mucking horse smellies out of the stables… I on the other hand went to go play with my new friend! I really wish i had a cat that would follow me around and be my friend, hopefully one that doesn’t get weirded out when i change into two legs. The Gods only new what the Mrs was doing at the time cause i can’t remember whoopsies… Oh well I found the Mrs later after dinner because it was time to go, but Anduin decided he wanted to wash up? He was definitely smellie from the smellies. Long story short, Anduin went to the pond which is the wrong way and we left without him and ended up in the mausoleum without him, we even waited! I think it was his short horse. So slow.
We made it inside the mausoleum with my ring! I really didn’t have my doubts but who knew, we could have been asked where we found the ring….. NOPE don’t want that to happen. Did I mention how awesome this music is? I’ve never heard it before! Also, I found out who the ring belonged to, whoops again. But the Lady was comforting that man, she is wonderful and I can’t believe it she wants me to stay! I’m so honoured. I’ll do anything for her…


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